Sharepoint Development Scopes for Features

Element Scope Description
Content Type Site Contains a schema definition you can reuse and apply to multiple list definitions.
Content Type Binding Site Content type binding enables you to provision a content type on a list defined in the Onet.xml schema. Lists defined in the Onet.xml schema cannot be modified directly.
Control Farm,WebApplication,Site, Web A delegate control contains a registration for a well-known control installed on a Web page. This lets you replace existing controls, such as the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation search control, with another control.
Custom Action Farm,WebApplication,Site, Web You can define the following kinds of custom actions:

  • Content type links for the content type settings page
  • Drop-down menu actions for the drop-down menu that appears for an item
  • Form toolbar buttons for New, Edit, or Display form toolbars.
  • Site Settings link for the Site Settings page.
Custom Action Group Farm,WebApplication,Site, Web Defines a group of custom actions.
Document Converter WebApplication Contains the definition of a document converter. A document converter is a custom executable file that takes a document of one file type, and generates a copy of that file in another file type.
Feature/Site Template Association Farm,WebApplication,Site Binds a Feature to a site definition configuration so that created sites are provisioned with the Feature.
Field Site Contains a field definition that can be reused among multiple lists.
Hide Custom Action Farm,WebApplication,Site, Web Hides a custom action that has been added through another custom action.
List Instance Site, Web Provisions a SharePoint site with a specific list of data.
List Template Site, Web Contains a list definition or template, which defines a list that can be provisioned in a SharePoint site.
Module Site, Web Contains a set of files with which to provision sites.
Receiver Web Contains an item event receiver registration.
Workflow Site Contains the definition for a workflow in a list.

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