Missing Save Site As Template in SharePoint Site Settings

I was asked how to create a site template on a Publishing site. Saving a publishing site is not supported in MOSS 2007 so no optins exist in the Site Actions to do so.

However, you can turn off the publishing features of a publishing site by going to Site Actions –> Site Settings –> Modify All Site Settings –> Site Administration –> Site Features. Click the Deactivate button for Office Sharepoint Server Publishing.

Now when you go back to the site settings, you will have the option to save the site as a template. When you do so, simply turn the publishing features back on. Also you can turn the publishing feature on on your your new sites after they are created.

You will need to turn on the publishing feature after you create the site if needed. This is a much better alternative to having to create a Team Site just so you can create a template.

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