Microsoft Code Name “Geneva”

“Geneva” is a Microsoft next generation identity and access management platform built on Active Directory directory services. “Geneva” is an open platform that provides simplified access and single sign-on for on-premises and cloud-based applications in the enterprise, across organizations, and on the Web. “Geneva” leverages claims which describe identity attributes and can be used to drive application and other system behaviors with an open architecture that implements the industry’s shared Identity Metasystem vision. The Identity Metasystem is a shared industry vision that defines a single identity model for the enterprise, federation, and the consumer. Claims issued by security token services (STS) are used in the Identity Metasystem to help applications make user-access decisions across applications and systems regardless of location or architecture. Claims are delivered inside security tokens produced by an STS and can disclose identity information selectively.

Provides Simplified User Access

  • Implements a single user access model with native single sign on and easier federation

  • Builds on and interoperates with existing identity infrastructure investments

  • Works with identity management infrastructure such as Active Directory and Identity Lifecycle Manager

Enhanced Application Security

  • Helps provide consistent security with a single user access model externalized from applications

  • Vests more complete control over user access decisions with IT instead of developers

  • Provides seamless access between on-premises software and cloud services

Interoperable and Adaptable

  • Based on industry standard protocols including WS-* and SAML 2.0 for interoperability

  • Meet new business needs faster by allowing applications and infrastructure to evolve independently

  • Integrates new authentication methods with fewer application code changes

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